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I am having the worst day since… well, ever..

sometimes life is hard…sometimes it’s even harder…Copied and Pasted from the forums I frequent… 

I had been typing for about half an our and my laptop shit the bed on me. Just not my day. Trying this again.

I owe the government money… I owe my parents money… and most frustrating of all, I owe my friends money. This is unacceptable. I am selling, basically, everything I own. Everything I am selling here is incredibly important to me, anything I own that isn’t important to me is either worthless or I’ve already sold it. What you are buying is not only car parts, its parts of me that I will most likely never get back. I doubt any of you will understand in this day of missile cars and drift sluts, where everything is replaceable and respect is only there until the person your mooching off of starts weening you off of cheap parts and free labour. I’m exhausted, unhappy, and angry. I don’t have the patience for bullshit. If you have a problem with me, or my prices. PM ME. Don’t clutter my thread with junk. 

But enough philosophical shit. All you care about is what you can get and how cheap you can get it. This is bc240rwd after all.

First is the shit out of my wagon. I have had numerous friends put countless hours into this car, most of the time for nothing more than a thank-you. I feel like I’m disrespecting all of them by selling the car out but I have no choice. I can only hope that they will understand. I WILL NOT sell the cressida as a whole. If you want to buy each piece seperate and put it together yourself, by all means, have fun owning a replica car… but I’m not about to watch someone drive away a car that me and my friends built.

S14 SR20DET - w/trans/ecu/etc. Brought in by Four Function in 2010 (I believe through Osaka JDM). It was installed in my cressida at Limit Factory. Under the valve cover was beauty, clutch was good when we pulled the trans apart. Motor runs like a fucking champion, starts every single time with not a single issue. Tranny shifts smooth and solid. Clutch engages perfectly. It has roughly 700km’s on it since its been in Canada. it was driven from Limit Factory, to my house and back to Limit Factory ( a round trip of 20kms ), driven to Victoria from there 6 months later. (450kms) And back and forth from victoria to western speedway twice (60kms). In that time it’s seen 4 or more oil changes. It has seen two track days. First day was a total of 5 or 6 laps on a chilly October afternoon. The second I broke an axle first clutch kick. So really… it has one track day on it. I won’t speak for them, but I like to think there are people who will vouch for this motor and the condition it is in. And if anyone is worried that “Oh, but it was in a cressida station wagon! That’s heavy! Couldn’t have been good for the motor!” My car weighed in at 2740 (with stock cressida seats, which it doesn’t have anymore) stock s14 weighs 2760. Motor can be seen running, possibly even driven if buyer has cash in hand.  Any questions, comments, concerns, PM ME       $3000 obo

MK1 Supra Rear End - the go to rear end for high-power corolla/cressida wagon/toyota/etc guys. Diff is welded, fresh fluid. Has yet to be beaten on. Is in good working order. Upper 4-link mounts have been moved to accommodate being put into a cressida wagon. These things are hard to come by and extremely sought after. Any questions, comments, concerns PM ME       $500

S13 HSD Coilovers - I bought these off of Eric Klein a few weeks ago, before this shitstorm hit. They are basically brand new, if Eric hadn’t told me he had driven on them a few times I wouldn’t have known better. Eric is a fully rad dude and I trust his word. I only want what I paid so I can finish paying him off and have money to pay my rent. Any questions, comments, concerns PM ME      $1250

1986 Toyota Cressida Wagon Shell - It’s shitty. It’s rusty. Body has over 300k. missing a rear quarter window. Stripped to a bare shell. Lights wired from scratch. One X6 headlight modded to fit. Bumper cut out for exhaust to fit. Fenders hammered and rolled to fit 15x10 -25. Front windshield cracked. Will come with stock diff w/ broken axle. Will need to be towed/trailered. bring your own wheels. Questions, Comments, Concerns  PM ME     Offers

Nikon D7000 + Accessories - It’s been well used. Bought early 2011. Still have reciepts. Nikon 28-70, nikon 75-300, sigma 10-20, and nikon 50 1.8 (manual focus) included. plus whatever other trinkets I have for it. Shoots great photos and awesome video. My videos are a terrible example because I don’t know how to render properly.  Any questions, comments, concerns PM ME      $2000 obo (or pm for individual prices, though I’d prefer to sell as a whole)

Innovate MTXL Wideband - BRAND NEW, still in box, bought 3 weeks ago. Paid almost $300 after taxes and duties. Any questions, comments, concerns PM ME     $220

I’m sure I’ll have more stuff to add to this. photos to come soon. Please use PM’s. We have them for a reason. Thank you.

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