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So I went to a lapping day at penticton this weekend to give the cressida a real test to see if she can handle the abuse I will put her through this winter. 6 minutes of humming auto 5m, roaring open header b2200, squealing winter tires, cbc radio, metal crunching and grown men giggling like little boys. Featuring Shawn of Drift Union in the Mazda B2200.

Some media is starting to roll in from the weekend at the Drift Union Invitational
(^ - ^)
Car performed fantastically for the most part, I think my subframe bushings are fully toast now though, time for much needed solid risers. Near the end of day two she was really starting to feel tired, I think the heat was getting to the ol’ girl.

Had so much fun driving with everybody, folks were stoked on single cam shredding (Now I’m in a toss up, I’m itching for more power to keep up with everyone… but driving the kae is super rewarding.), Buckaroos! picked up our island friend Sheldon to make a threesome and made it into qualifying but a mishap led to both sheldon’s and Graham’s cars to be down for the count for the remainder of the competition. Graham’s car took the worst of it though, time for a new shell  (╯︵╰,).

We were going to do a funny driver swap with all three of us in my car for our comp run, but I was placed on the Hotboyz team as Jordan’s miata was taken out as well. I tried my best, but a single cam can only do so much to keep up with a couple jz’s, they probably should have put me up front. 

Had a run-in with a couple of the Husky Situations, took out my front rebar and tweaked the passenger corner a bit. As to be expected when rolling with those boys though haha

I want to type more, but I also want to go to bed. 

I can’t wait for Drift Union Invitational 2014.

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