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All current orders are in the mail and on the way. I apologize for the delay, I’ve been out of stock and haven’t had time to make more at work until the end of last week. All stocked up again though!


I’ve had a ton of requests, so I thought i would give it a shot. ..

T A N K T O P S !


As always, to order. Thank you so much to everyone who has picked one (or many! ) up so far!

A weekend at EVD PRO-AM RD 2 with the winner Cody Ross.

Edit: forgot, he showed up with one pair of new tires and one pair of junkpile tires. Roasted the used pair and only got a handful of practice runs on them. ran the new pair for competition, last battle he had one tire delam on the 5/8ths bank and the opposite delam on the last corner. Still picked up the win. There is a reason we call him the boss.
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