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Drift Union Invitational 2014 - Penticton, BC Canada

of good clips in this. Starts out a little slow and the music might throw a few of you off, but the filming and the driving more than makes up for it. Platform Garage and Business Casual clips are money. Some wicked tandems. The train at 2:54 is rowdy. Embarrassing cameo by myself halfway through.

Just a friendly reminder to not sleep on Canada’s drift scene.

All current orders are in the mail and on the way. I apologize for the delay, I’ve been out of stock and haven’t had time to make more at work until the end of last week. All stocked up again though!


I’ve had a ton of requests, so I thought i would give it a shot. ..

T A N K T O P S !


As always, to order. Thank you so much to everyone who has picked one (or many! ) up so far!

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