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build-it-break-it-repeat asked:

I think the free art is really cool, but man, I'd totally buy one. Have you considered doing prints?




Its something on the back of my mind cause i gotta pay for college stuff but i wanna hold off on that until i get proper art supplies since all i use is a pen and pencil. But yeah if i get the proper art pens and markers then i can make proper quality stuff and id consider opening up for commissions and selling prints. Its only on the back of my mind because then itd feel like a job and itd be not as fun but yeah its something im considering in the near future!

Sold one of my shark prints in an art gallery for about $200 and all i used was a Bic red and black pens. supplies dont make the artist, the talent does.

Good point, i just wanna feel like its the best it can look before i consider it worthy to sell ;_;

Dude your stuff is more than good enough. The shop im sponsored by saw that initial d “doodle” and wanted to put it on a shirt to sell at the shop. So if thats something you are interested in im sure there would be pay for you involved.

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