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I need new shoes. I need new glasses. I need a haircut. I should move back out. I could and should pay off my credit cards relatively easy. I should take a girl on a date. I should save for a rainy day.

Instead I spend an entire paycheck on wheels and car parts and event entry fees and gas and more cars.

How long before real life catches up to this daydream I’m living again?



Me being Mari-piloting-an-eva excited over this shirt arriving today after only having ordered it 3 days ago. PS- I should stop buying dollar store brand “glass cleaner” apparently…

Dude thoat sleeve is sick!
thislifeintransit canimuff

I’m taking my job too seriously. All I can look at is the shirt and think to myself “I would have printed it two inches higher.”

The sleeve is totally rad though.

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