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As I walked out of the bank today, a woman and (im assuming) her grandchildren were sitting in their ford explorer, with it turning over without starting for a solid minute. I ask if its had any trouble starting before, my assumption was the fuel pump. She had just gotten the truck back from a friend she had lent it to for a year, so she wasnt sure. I ask if I can bang on the gas tank, as sometimes it can rustle the pump back to life temporarily. She accepts and I lay down to get under the truck, its got a solid skid plate covering the tank, I hit the plate a few times but im not making any real contact with the tank. So I reach to the side and awkwardly try to bang it on the side of the tank, and in turn smash my wrist on the edge of the skid plate.

The truck fired up, but now I think I have a broken wrist or something. This bruise/swelling is insane and my hand is all numb and tingly.

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