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Sometimes I let myself get caught up in poking fun at people who take a different/misguided approach to things (drifting in this case) and then when I realize what I’m doing I instantly feel really bad.

You can build your fd v8 car if you want to. I’m sure it will be fun in its own right. I’m sorry for using you as the butt of my jokes.



It’s no stretch to say that a two day drift event is expensive, that is a lot of tires and gas. Add into that a costly entry fee to shred one of the cool tracks on the west coast. Now really stretch your wallet (and your luck) and add a 5000km (3100mi) round trip, from Canada to California and back, in a beat up drift car to the budget. I honestly have no idea how far I am going to go back into debt for this but I am committed now and I’m taking any measures I can to soften the blow of this financial burden. 

I am dropping $10 off the price of the remaining Bring Back Pop-ups t-shirts and tanks bringing it to a whopping total of $15 per shirt, plus shipping (flat rate shipping fee, order more shirts and save on shipping! Buy with your friends!). I only have limited stock left (I will be adding a handful of mediums shortly, just waiting for them to come in) so order before they disappear FOREVER.(okay, probably not forever, but for the time being.) They make a great party shirt, as seen in the embarrassing photos above. 

Thank you so much to the people who have ordered shirts in the past and to those that will in the future, y’all the real MVP’s. 

I’m also working on ‘finally’ getting some stickers made. Stay tuned.


I saw a post an hour or so ago of a driver who started a  ”fund me” to drive at All Star Bash.

This bothers me considerably but I’m not 100% sure why. I mean, I’d love the opportunity to drive with another (potentially) rad person… but man… Maybe it’s a jealousy thing, as in, my morals wouldn’t let me take money from friends/fans to go do something that really only benefited me.

I don’t know. Asking people for money, even just to borrow let alone take with no expectations to pay back, is so uncomfortable to me. Especially for someone in a position of recognition/fame, to set an example like that, that it is okay. Just… makes me sick to my stomach? 

then on the flip side, I was planning on putting my shirts on sale and making stickers to sell to help fund my own journey to ASB14. Is that any different? I mean, I am taking friends/followers/fans money and using it to my gain… but they are also getting something in return? Or maybe the satisfaction of doing something nice for someone else is enough?

I just think that they should have to work a little harder than spending 15 minutes setting up a ‘fund me’ page…maybe I’m just an ass?

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