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Hi! I just got your tshirt yesterday, and I love it. It shipped really quickly, considering I’m currently deployed to an undisclosed location. Thanks so much for the cool design and high quality. Getting the shirt really brightened my day, and improved my closet. :) I might not be smiling in the photo, but the shirt looks great. Thanks again!

 It’s nice hearing back from people who are genuinely happy with the shirts. I don’t get messages back too often. I Hope other people are just shy and not unhappy with it. Thank you Anna for the message and for picking up a shirt and thank you everyone else who has been ordering! 
 Sorry that I’ve been running out of stock! I probably won’t get another chance to fill them back up until early November as I am so busy with prepping for #asb14. I just got my car back from getting caged and it is phenomenal, but that is a whole post on it’s own. 

I may be low on t-shirts but I still have lots of tank tops and they are all still on sale! $15 +shipping. Help me afford this trip to All Star Bash! 

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