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With every photo im seeing from friends at final bout I am getting more and more mad at myself for not going and the event itsself hasnt even started yet.

*looks up last minute flight prices*

Gold, silver, and bronze. The only acceptable colours for mesh. Time to fix this issue ive been having. Considering flipping the 15”s if they’ll fit under the 240s fenders. They are pretty sunk as is. These are probably going to do daily duty on the cressida though.
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Anonymous asked:

Need your opinion. Keep the inline 6 in my s30 and do a rebuild with better internals or do a v8 swap?

What is your end goal? Personally i prefer the I6 solely for the sound. Also, it’s there, it’s plugged in. It’s mounted. A v8 you are going to need to either fab or buy a swap kit, the v8 itself, custom drive shaft, im sure lots of other little items. Then, is your stock drivetrain going to be able to handle that torque? you may need to upgrade in other areas to match the V8 where you know they were already built to handle the I6.

My vote is I6. But v8 isn’t the worst choice too.

paiias asked:

What's in your 240? my friend just bought one. I've been wanting to sr my car but I am way to broke for that right now. Where are ya located too btw? I watch your videos sometimes and the scenery/roads are epic.

for the past two years it was a single cam KA. Just swapped to a dual cam last week but havent had a chance to really drive it yet. I’d prefer the reliability of a ka over an sr, but thats just me. I don’t think I need sr power. Just kinda want it. I’m in the interior of British Columbia, CAnada. It is VERY pretty here.


Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, 84' supra 5speed, 5M-GE. Non-turbo.

Ahh. Well for that price, it would be sweet. Great looking car and for something as simple as a fuel pump a lot of fun to drive from what I’ve been told. And again, the w58 in there is worth money if you decide to part out and mk2 stuff is raising in price especially if you are willing to ship to the uk. I would love a mk2 supra one day.

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